playing CARDS: How to tell the quality of a CARDS?

What are good quality of  Playing CARDS ? How to tell the quality of a playing card? This problem may be a concern for users who want to customize the CARDS. For most people, play CARDS just wereusedon New Year’s day when as leisure entertainment props, but for other Playing CARDSs, playing CARDS can be a propaganda tool. Such asadvertising and propaganda enterprise culture. In the spread of entertainment at the same time, cards can also could be a gift with personality publicity.


Playing CARDS

To customize the CARDS well, there are the following points.
I. material classification of playing CARDS
In order to have a good quality of play CARDS, the material problem is an indispensable factor. The material of playing CARDS can be roughly divided into five types:
Black core paper, white core paper, blue core paper, grey core paper and plastic PVC materials, among these five materials, plastic PVC quality is the best. Plastic PVC materials have the characteristics of wear-resisting, smooth, waterproof, tough.Because its materials are made of plastic particles through processing, of course, there will be a slight increase in the price.

As for paper used in poker analysis. There are many Poker paper manufacturers .Each manufacturer produced different quality of paper. Usually we say 280 grams, 300 grams of playing CARDS is the weight of playing CARDS paper. that is, 1 square meter of paper weight, 300 grams of play CARDS paper is 1 square meter of paper weight 300 grams. 280 grams of play CARDS is one square meter of paper that weighs 280 grams

About the size of playing CARDS:
(1) billboards and bridge signs: 8.7 * 5.7cm (single, double and four sets)
(2) major brands: 8.7 * 6.2cm
(3) Spanish poker (a set of 40/50 CARDS) : 9.5×6.2cm 8.7×5.7cm
(4) French (78/54/32/44) : 11.3 x 6cm 8.7x 5.7cm 8.6x 5.6cm 5.6cm
(5) Russia (54/36 CARDS) :9 x 5.7cm 8.7 x 5.7cm
(6) the special regulations can be customized according to the requirements of the customer, but the relevant knife and die costs shall be borne
2. Choose the right poker manufacturer
Shenzhen Wangjing printing co., LTD. has Germany’s imported Heidelberg four-color printing machine, a strong hardware strength, and the company after 10 years of technical precipitation, so that poker is not only the improvement in technology, but also a kind of beautiful enjoyment. Deeply loved and praised by people at home and abroad. The company manages a lot of products, including casino playing CARDS advertising playing CARDS, gift CARDS, learning CARDS customizing, foreign trade poker, color box, handbag, puzzle, commemorative poker, hanging CARDS, special-shaped poker, gift box, gold foil poker and other special craft materials playing CARDS. At present, the daily output of the company has reached 100,000 sets. Advanced technology and rich experiencecan meet customers’ different needs.

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